With Kaida Food's VF Potato Sticks, Experience Unmatched Quality and Healthiness

Step right up to Kaida Food, where our VF potato sticks snack offer the ideal blend of flavor and nutrition. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our production process. From the world-class automation equipment imported from Germany and the United States to our no-added-artificial-colors, preservatives-free approach, we prioritize delivering snacks that are not only crispy and delicious but also promote your well-being. Get ready to enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience like no other with Kaida Food.

Uncompromising Quality with Advanced Automation Equipment


At Kaida Food, we believe that quality starts with the right equipment. That's why we have invested in the world's leading automation equipment imported from Germany and the United States. This state-of-the-art machinery ensures precise and efficient production, allowing us to maintain the highest standards in the industry. With four complete product processing production lines and a raw material capacity of 50 tons, we have the capability to consistently deliver exceptional VF potato sticks snack to our customers.


No Artificial Additives, Just Wholesome Goodness


When you choose Kaida Food, you can trust that our snacks are made with your health in mind. Our VF potato sticks snack are crafted with a no-added-artificial-colors, preservatives-free approach. We prioritize the use of natural ingredients and avoid unnecessary additives, ensuring that your snacking experience is both flavorful and nutritious. The reasonable proportion collocation of our ingredients guarantees a low-calorie, high-fiber product that allows you to enjoy your favorite snack while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Technical Excellence for Unparalleled Flavor and Nutrition


We take pride in the technical features that make our VF potato sticks snack stand out from the rest. With a temperature below 120 degrees, our production process effectively avoids the formation of harmful materials while retaining the maximum nutrition, original color, aroma, and taste of the potatoes. This ensures that our snacks are not only healthy and low in oil but also incredibly crisp and delicious. The outstanding quality of our products has been recognized internationally, with our free brand "crispy" winning the gold medal at the 12th International Agricultural Fair.




In conclusion, Kaida Food invites you to discover a snacking experience that combines unmatched quality and healthiness with our VF potato sticks snack. With our world-class automation equipment, we ensure that every snack we produce meets the highest standards. Our no-added-artificial-colors, preservatives-free approach guarantees that you can enjoy our crispy potato sticks guilt-free, knowing that they contain only natural goodness. By implementing a production process that retains maximum nutrition and original flavors, we create snacks that are both wholesome and incredibly delicious. Choose Kaida Food and indulge in the unique taste and health benefits of our VF potato sticks snack.

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