Dive into the world of vacuum-fried snacks with Kaida Hengye. We offer different healthy and tasty snacks, including veggie chips, crispy apple chips, okra chips, and more. Our source materials for our vacuum-fried snacks are organic green agricultural products that came from our own nationally certified planting base. Kaida Hengye is here to deliver vacuum-fried snacks that are both delicious and nutritious.

  • vacuum fried potato sticks
    Our delicious vacuum-fried potato sticks are a tasty wholesale vacuum-fried snack with no chemical additives, these potato vacuum-fried snacks provide the perfect snacking solution that balances nutrients, flavor, and visuals.
  • okra crisps
    Crafted to perfection our wholesale vacuum fried okra chips provide a delightful crunch that accompanies every bite. Without any chemical additives, these vacuum-fried snacks are the perfect healthy snacking solution.
  • Meet our wholesale crispy apple chips, part of our vacuum-fried snack. Made with organic apples and our vacuum frying technology. These crispy apple chips are without any chemical additives, providing you with nutritious snacks.
  • fruit and vegetable chips
    Introducing our wholesale fruit and veggie chips: the perfect snack for vegetarian customers. Produced with vacuum-fried technology, these vacuum-fried snacks are crisp and look like deep-fried snacks, but with less oil use.
  • vacuum fried chips
    Factory direct wholesale vacuum-fried potato Chips that are both crispy and healthy. These vacuumed fried snacks without any chemical additives which provide them with a long-lasting, crispy, and unique flavor that comes from the ingredients themselves.
  • healthy pumpkin snacks
    Healthy natural crispy temperature vacuum fried wholesale Pumpkin Crisps with good looking and good taste without any chemical additives. Enhance your brand's snack offering with these delightful vacuum-fried snacks.
  • radish crisps
    Introducing our green radish chips, a leading member of our wholesale vacuum fried veggie chips family. These healthy natural crispy low temperature vacuum fried Green radish Crisps are both good looking and good taste without any chemical additives.
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