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Fresh fruits and vegetables

Natural Raw Materials

The first step in our quality products is their ingredients. Kaida Hengye sources our ingredients from our own nationally certified planting base. Whether it's our healthy veggie chips, potato chip snacks, or fruit chips, We only use organic, green agricultural products.

Selected natural potatos, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, taro, lotus root slices, shiitake mushrooms, okra, bell peppers, pumpkins, apples, yellow peaches, onions, red radish, green beans, carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

Monitoring all indicators of each batch of raw materials, heavy metals, pesticide residues, safety indicators,etc. Ensure the quality of raw materials from the source.

Advanced Automated Factory

Since being established in 2000, Kaida Hengye has focused on the R&D, production, and sales of healthy veggie chips and potato chip snack foods. Incorporating the latest vacuum frying machine, Kaida now has two production plants, one of which is located in Beijing and the other in Inner Mongolia. We provide one-stop services that include storage and sales as one of the whole food chain enterprises.

We now have two production plants in Beijing and "Shudu" Ulanqab. Our healthy veggie chips and potato chip snacks now cover an area of more than 134 hectares, generate total fixed assets of $300 million, and have a designed output value of $650 million. We have introduced world-class production lines from the Netherlands and the United States and process about 670,000 tons of potatoes annually. At the same time, we are also capable of supporting 500,000 tons of intelligent storage warehouses.

Qualification Certificate
The company has obtained PepsiCo AIB certification, Jewish food Kosher certification, British Retail Association food safety BRC certification, Halal certification, HACCP certification, ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system.

Group Scientific Research Achievements -Technological Innovation
Innovations in The Core Technology of the Industry
Original cutting technology for fresh fruits and vegetables
Fresh raw materials are directly cut into strips and slices without using composite materials, so as to retain the original flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent

Production advantage - factory Advantage
Kaida is a strategic partner of PepsiCo, Costco, Three Squirrels, Baicaowei, Liangpin Shop, and other well-known brands at home and abroad. It has more than 20 years of experience in the production of fruit and vegetable chips. International leading level.
It has hundreds of advanced production lines at home and abroad and produces nearly a hundred kinds of products. Realize the production plant without customer investment and the quality benchmark of the whole industry.

Production Advantage - Process Advantage
The production process of VF fruit and vegetable chips
Fresh fruits and vegetables are cut into strips or slices through the pre-treatment equipment, sent to the frozen storage, and embrittled through the vacuum low-temperature dehydration equipment. (VF process: the temperature is controlled between 90-120°C in a vacuum state)

It can effectively avoid the loss of various harmful substances and nutrients produced by high-temperature frying, and retain the original color and shape of fruits and vegetables to the greatest extent.

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