Report 9 on the Typical Series of Innovative Development of Agricultural Brands in Beijing: Being a Responsible Private Enterprise

Vaccum fried products 06

Under the company, it processes and operates various French style potato products such as French fries, koji potatoes, potato cakes, potato squares, potato horns, etc; More than 10 flavors of casual French fries and over 80 types of fruit and vegetable crisps. Guided by the market demand, the company has set up its own brand marketing center. Through professional operation, the products have become more competitive in the market. All kinds of potato products have successfully opened the sales situation in RT Mart, Carrefour, Yonghui and other chain channels, as well as e-commerce and other channels.
As a leading enterprise in the fruit and vegetable crispy industry, the company became a strategic partner of Le Shi French fries in 2012 and also became a supplier of fruit and vegetable crispy products for the three major domestic e-commerce platforms - Three Squirrels, Liangpin Shop, and Baicao Flavor. The market share of casual French fries and fruit and vegetable crisps is about 15%. Thanks to its high-quality products and fashionable packaging design style, the "Crispy and Happy" snack food has gained recognition from consumers both domestically and internationally.
In terms of overseas exports, Kaida has an international marketing department specifically responsible for the development and sales of the international market, and ships according to foreign customer orders. By exporting and establishing an international brand image, we have established cooperation with global chain trading companies such as Costco in the United States and DJ&A in Australia, successfully expanding global sales channels, expanding overseas awareness, and seizing the international market. The company's casual French fries and fruit and vegetable crisps products are therefore exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, and Australia.
The company is not only strengthening the enterprise and creating a good brand, but also committed to giving back to society and reflecting the social value of the enterprise. In order to achieve poverty alleviation results, Kaida adopts various long-term hematopoietic poverty alleviation mechanisms and has established long-term assistance and cooperation relationships with cooperatives, large households, and village collectives. In 2016, planning began to establish two production bases in Beijing and Inner Mongolia, actively responding to the national call and participating in the national poverty alleviation campaign. Combining the advantages of Ulanqab's potato region and its own agricultural product deep processing technology, a national level potato modern industrial park covering an area of 1900 acres was invested and built in Chayou Front Banner. The industrial park can achieve an output value of 4 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 400 million yuan, and drive the industrial chain output value of 2.4 billion yuan after reaching its full capacity in 2025. 30000 farmers will participate in the planting of 300000 mu of the base. This industrial park has become a demonstration park for Beijing Mongolia cooperation and poverty alleviation, truly achieving a win-win situation for enterprises, farmers, and the local government in the process of poverty alleviation.

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