Mixed Vegetable Chips: Nature's Bounty Crafted by Kaida Food

You have arrived at the premier source for premium mixed fruit and vegetable chips, Kaida Food. Join us on a culinary journey as we bring together the best of nature and expert craftsmanship. Using state-of-the-art vacuum frying technology, we make our mixed fruit and veggie chips without the use of any extra chemical additives. This guarantees that the nutritional value and flavor are both adequately met. Read on to learn about the many benefits of our mixed vegetable chips, how we ensure their quality, and our OEM and wholesale services.

Nutritious and Delicious Mixed Vegetable Chips


Kaida Food takes pride in offering mixed vegetable chips that are both nutritious and delicious. Our advanced vacuum frying technology preserves the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables, resulting in chips that retain their vitamins, minerals, and fiber. By avoiding the use of chemical additives, we ensure that our chips are a wholesome and guilt-free snacking option. Indulge in the vibrant flavors and textures of our mixed vegetable chips, and savor the goodness of nature in every bite.


OEM and Wholesale Services


At Kaida Food, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you are a business looking to create your own brand of mixed vegetable chips or a retailer seeking to stock our products, we offer both OEM and wholesale services. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and ensuring a seamless experience throughout the process. With our expertise in manufacturing and packaging, we can help you bring your unique vision to life and deliver top-quality mixed vegetable chips under your own brand name.


Stringent Quality Guarantees


Quality is of utmost importance at Kaida Food. We adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure that our mixed vegetable chips meet and exceed industry expectations. We strictly follow the 5S management standard set by the Beijing Rural Working Committee, and our quality technical supervision is overseen by the Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. Our production processes are standardized, going well above national standards, and we are registered with the National Bureau of Technical Supervision. With a decade of experience, we have successfully exported our chips to countries like Japan, Europe, and the United States, passing rigorous tests for food imports. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our export records, self-examinations, and relevant qualifications.




Kaida Food is your trusted source for mixed fruit and vegetable chips that combine nutrition and taste in every bite. With our advanced vacuum frying technology and the absence of chemical additives, our chips offer a perfect balance of flavor and wholesomeness. Whether you choose to enjoy them as a personal snack or offer them to your customers, our mixed vegetable chips are sure to impress. Take advantage of our OEM and wholesale services to customize your own brand of chips or stock our high-quality products. Trust Kaida Food for an exceptional snacking experience that celebrates the natural goodness of mixed fruits and vegetables.


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