Delight in the Crisp and Healthy Goodness of Our Vacuum-Fried Pumpkin Chips

Using our patented vacuum-frying technology, we take great delight in making nutritious pumpkin treats here at Kaida Food. Our pumpkin chips offer the perfect balance of crispness and taste, providing a delightful snacking experience. What sets our crispy pumpkin chips apart is their low oil content, making them an ideal choice for customers seeking healthier snack alternatives. Additionally, we offer OEM services for our pumpkin chips, allowing you to customize and brand them according to your preferences. Join us as we explore the exceptional qualities of our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips, including our adherence to strict quality standards and our commitment to international exports.

Crafted with Kaida Food’s Signature Vacuum-Fried Technology

At Kaida Food, we employ our renowned vacuum-fried technology to create our healthy pumpkin snacks. This advanced technique ensures that our chips have the perfect blend of crispness and taste. By removing excess oil during the frying process, we produce pumpkin chips that are not only delicious but also lower in fat content. Experience the exceptional quality and texture of our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips, crafted with care and precision.


Adherence to Strict Quality Standards and International Exports

We take quality seriously at Kaida Food. Our production processes strictly adhere to the 5S management standard set by the Beijing Rural Working Committee. Additionally, the Quality Technical Supervision Bureau of Beijing judges the standardization of agricultural products. We go above national standards in our production, ensuring that our products meet and exceed the highest quality benchmarks. Furthermore, we have a record with the National Bureau of Technical Supervision, showcasing our commitment to excellence. For the past decade, we have successfully exported our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips to Japan, Europe, the United States, and other countries known for their stringent food import regulations. Our export records and relevant qualifications demonstrate our dedication to providing safe and high-quality snacks.


OEM Branding and Personalization Services

At Kaida Food, we understand the importance of offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs. That's why we provide OEM services for our pumpkin chips. You can personalize the packaging, labeling, and branding of our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips to align with your brand identity. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or a company looking to offer private-label snacks, our OEM services ensure that you can create a unique and distinctive product that resonates with your target market.



In conclusion, Kaida Food invites you to savor the crisp and healthy goodness of our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips. Crafted using our signature technology, these chips offer an exceptional combination of crispness and taste. With their low oil content, they are an excellent choice for health-conscious customers seeking wholesome snacking options. Our adherence to strict quality standards and international exports exemplify our commitment to delivering safe and high-quality products. Explore the possibilities of customization and branding through our OEM services, allowing you to create a unique product tailored to your brand's vision. Experience the delectable flavors and benefits of our vacuum-fried pumpkin chips, and discover why Kaida Food is a trusted name in the snacking industry.


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