The Chinese food industry association is the third national meeting of the potato food committee

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On June 16 and 18, 2016, China food industry association professional committee of potato food (hereinafter referred to as: the potato food committee) member of the third national congress was held in Beijing, elected by the members for the new council.

Standing vice President of China ShiXie Liu Zhi addressing the audience, he told the potato food committee affirmed his 10 years of work, potato food committee received the affirmation of the competent department of the government, the endorsement and support of the industry enterprise, received international recognition.

At the same time, the newly elected potato branch of the third session of the board and its leadership put forward the four hope: the first is to promote the development of the industry, to seize the current favorable opportunity for the development of potato industry.

The second is to focus on the enterprise, to do the practical work for enterprises, to serve the enterprise's development, and to safeguard the rights and interests of industry enterprises.

Third, we need to work closely with the market to make the professional committee a mainstay of market services.

The fourth to self building, to become qualified for our potato food committee work of qualified personnel, to become the wise men of the industry, more to become the industry experts.

Potato food committee wang wei President on behalf of the previous board of directors to present the topic to the congress concentric cooperation sustainable progress Towards the vigorous prosperous new expectations of the work report.

Report summarizes the potato food committee since its establishment 10 years industry annual meeting and the leisure food summit, strive for national policy support, to organize the formulation of industrial development planning, recognition industry the development of competitive enterprises, do a good job, the industry standard system revision to the website, journals, WeChat public platform, cooperating with local governments to build high quality raw material base, industry to promote work, carry out international exchanges and cooperation, attaches great importance to food quality and safety, etc.

Wang wei, chairman of the report summarized during the "twelfth five-year" potato from growing to processing and consumption in our country, the development of whole industry chain, including: planting industry develop steadily;

Rapid development of the processing industry;

Gradually increasing concentration of industry;

We will continue to improve our ability to innovate;

The quality standards system is gradually improving;

The ingredients industry has been innovating for years.

This paper introduces the specific situation of potato and leisure food production and growth during the 12th five-year plan period, including the small increase in the supply of potato raw materials.

The production capacity of frozen French fries has increased year by year.

China's potato flour production has grown steadily;

China's potato chips and other recreational food markets are in high demand.

The ingredients are innovative;

Potato processing products are new and new;

Potato processing in China backbone enterprise in the structure adjustment, resource integration, optimize configuration, technology innovation, product development and so on a series of new progress, continue to safeguard food security, food service industry in China, "SAN nong" getting rich, and increasing employment, expanding domestic demand, and made positive contributions to the benefit of consumer, etc.

The global competition landscape is undergoing major adjustments, wang wei reports.

Our economy has made a good start this year.

China's potato industry has become more and more important, and its development has entered a period of strategic opportunities.

The continued growth of the global food market is critical to the development of the potato industry.

The report also puts forward the main objectives and priorities of the 13th five-year plan and its development goals.

Including: strengthening the supply of potato raw materials and satisfying the demand of the potato processing industry;

Improve the construction of the potato storage system and improve the utilization of resources;

We will maintain the vitality of the potato processing industry and improve the consumption of the upgrade.

We will strengthen the ability of the potato industry to innovate autonomously and push the industry towards a medium-high level.

We will expand the cluster effect of the potato industry, and gather momentum for development.

We will strengthen the construction of the food safety system and ensure that the food safety of the potato is guaranteed.

Moderate consumption demand;

Opening up more market space;

We will improve comprehensive utilization of energy conservation and emission reduction;

We will achieve scientific and sustainable development.

Development priorities and directions include: promoting the modernization of the planting industry and strengthening the supply of raw materials;

Insist on innovation drive to improve the independent innovation ability, establish modern production mode, strengthen the processing and key technology of independent innovation, strengthen the innovation, the potato processing equipment manufacturing industry chain and innovative direction of each link, to strengthen the university-industry cooperation, etc.;

We will strengthen quality management, promote brand construction and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

Promoting green manufacturing and implementing sustainable development strategies;

We will accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure, accelerate the coordinated development of the region, and promote the coordinated development and optimization of processing products of all enterprises in the industrial chain.

We will build and improve the modernized potato storage and transportation logistics and marketing system.

Wang wei will grow in the future work is put forward, to continue to build good enterprise integrated services communication platform for industry, give full play of Bridges, continue to do a good job of the advanced industry recognition of incentive, to continue to do a good job of industry standards and quality security and revising, trying to "innovation, demonstration, lead and drive" mode of service, dedication to get things done for everybody take good services, to carry out international exchanges and cooperation;

Joint industry tongren, unite as one, work diligently, strive to enterprising, sustainable progress, to ensure food safety, the well-being of the people happy new greater contributions to the new life!

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