VF Potato Chips

Indulge in the ultimate snack with Kaida Hengye’s vacuum-fried chips. Combine Crispy, flavorful, nutritious, and irresistibly delicious all in one, These plain potato chips are a testament to our dedication to quality. Without any additives or seasonings, these are some of the healthiest potato chips that we offer. We provide OEM manufacturing services for our vacuum fried chips.

vacuum fried chips
Product features:Vacuum fried technologyFresh fragranceAdditive freePreserve the original tasteCrispy and delicious
Product Information:Vacuum-fried chips are healthy and low in fat. It provides crispiness, deliciousness, and unique flavor health at the same time. OEM services are available for these plain potato chips.
Appearance:Neat appearanceShape integrityThe hardness is appropriate and not breakable
Color and lustre:Beautiful color Appetizing
Texture:Crisp and crunchy
Production equipment:Vacuum fried low temperature oil bath process Vacuum fried low temperature dehydration technology makes fresh ingredients rapid dehydrated, lock the veggies color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition, crisp and delicious.Fruit and vegetable chips production lineImporting automatic production equipments from abroad, factory is in strict accordance with the 5s management standard, implementing strict product enterprise standards in the production.Full-automatic packerWorkshop is equipped with a variety of packaging units, can produce 7g-500g standing pouch, back sealing coil, cup type, pot type and other sizes and 2-12kg large packaging products.
Provide services:Main business:OEM service, bulk cargo wholesale, independent brand agentOEM packaging form is back sealing bag, standing pouch, bag in bag, five even bag, box, cup, canned, etc.As for Bulk wholesale according to different products each bag specification is 2kg-12kg, and the packaging form is aluminum foil bag filled with nitrogen.
Product superiority:Technical feature: temperature below 120 degrees, can effectively avoid various harmful material formation, and retain most nutrition and product original color, aroma, taste. Healthy and low oil, crisp and delicious, taste unique. Based on this, the company's free brand "crispy" has won the gold medal of the 12th international agricultural fair.
Processing production advantage:The factory of the world's leading automation equipment imported from Germany, the United States, at present, the factory has four complete product processing production line, raw materials, 50 tons.The whole process is of no added artificial colors, preservatives, such as additive, low-calorie high-fiber products.Production is according to the reasonable proportion collocation. let you enjoy snacks at the same time keep health.
Quality guarantee:Strictly according to the 5S management standard, the Beijing rural working committee. The quality technical supervision bureau of Beijing will judge the standardization of agricultural standardization. Implement the standards of product enterprises that are well above the national standards in production, and file with the national bureau of technical supervision for the record. In the past decade, we have insisted on exporting Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries with the strictest test of food imports, including export records, self-examination and other relevant qualifications.
Multiple options:We have VF products including potato chips, fruit and vegetable chips,apples, peaches, carrots, mushrooms, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes ,green bean, pumpkin, taro, bell pepper, winter date, etc with product diversity and variety of flavors.
Our services:7*24 hours at your service
Partner and certificate:Cooperative partnerIn the past 20 years, we export to Japan, Europe,the United States and other countries all around the world. Which have the strictest food import standard. We pasted the relevant qualifications such as FDA,BRC,HALAL,HACCP,ISO,etc.
Product: Potato chips
Contents: Fruits and vegetables,vegetable oil
Flavors: Ingredients and flavors can be customized
Place of origin: Beijing,China
Shelf life: 12 months
Specification: 7-500g
Package: Bags, Cans
MOQ: 500kg
Delivery time: 30-45 days
Supply ablility: 10 thousand tons/year
Storage: cool and dry place


1. How to make an order?

On negotiation we make clear about your requirments.Quotations are make as customized.Free samples send to you. After confirmation and advance payment the bulk production begins.Delivery after receiving the final payment.

2. What's the price?

Please leave us message,send us emails or give us phone calls.Some support specialist will help.

3. What's the MOQ?

Generally the MOQ is 500kg or negotiable.

4. What's the delivery time?

Generally the production period is about 10-15 working days.The shipping time is various according to different destination.Usually the total delivery time is about 30-45 days.

5. What if goods are damaged?

Please shoot the photos and send to your sales manager to compromise settlement.

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